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"Creative design and unusual ideas that engage the audience!


Creative Director and Art Design
Alx Perno | Orford, Quebec
05/2012 - Current


•    Experience in creating integrated visual content across a multitude of marketing channels.
•    Hands on experience in creative direction process, advertising, marketing, graphic design, copy writing and brand development.
•    Outstanding leadership and organization skills with experience managing and nurturing talent.
•    Excellent interpersonal relations, communication skills and team oriented.
•    Experience in preparing and presenting briefs, project specifications and budgets concisely and accurately, with keen attention to detail.
•    Professional business skills, such as negotiation and project management, with the ability to take initiative in a constantly changing environment.
•    Creative and strategic thinker, with a strong understanding of graphic design and brand awareness in B2B and B2C.
•    Led creative team meetings to share ideas and bring actionable plans to fruition.
•    Met customer needs and accomplished creative visions by overseeing strategic, focused campaigns.
•    Preserved branding standards of assigned accounts while creating high-quality designs.
•    Offered leadership while liaising with independent creative agencies.
•    Reviewed and approved retouching, mechanicals and proofs for quality assurance.
•    Coordinated album photo sessions and contracted stylists and photographers.
•    Conferred successfully with clients, departments and other stakeholders to complete projects.
•    Supervised photoshoots to verify completion of quality deliverables.
•    Maintained in-depth and current knowledge of emerging industry trends
•    Approved art layouts, copy design, and illustrative work for publication.

Head Coach
Bishop's University | Sherbrooke, Quebec
05/2008 - 12/2015

•    USports Women's Basketball.
•    Experience in coaching; implementation and monitoring of practices and games.
•    Athlete skills and character development by providing direction to student athletes so they can achieve a high level of performance.
•    Positive communication skills by interacting thoughtfully and respectfully with student athletes, coaches, staff, parents, and community.
•    Follow and uphold the policies and mission statement of the University.
•    Ensure rules and regulations regarding conduct and eligibility of student athletes.

•    Responsible for all administrative, budgetary, and scheduling aspects.
•    Expertise in video analysis and breakdown on a multitude of software; CREZ, fast Model Sports, Krossover and Synergy.
•    Schedule, coordinate and implement player and coaching clinics.
•    Director for the basketball summer camps/clinics with more than 200 student athletes and 30 staff members, including coaches and speakers.
•    Encouraged team members to become stronger, more agile athletes and more successful competitors through focus, effective training and nutrition.
•    Monitored players' academic progress to ensure continuous success and commitment to education.
•    Collaborated with peer and parent liaisons to achieve program growth while managing coaching development.
•    Applied evaluation techniques and personal knowledge to assess abilities to assign players to correct positions on team.
•    Built strong media and community relationships through positive interaction and communication in support of sports program.
•    Reviewed game tapes of competitor events to understand strategies and plan approaches.
•    Consulted with athletic director and coaching staff to assess team structure and devise recruitment strategies.
•    Attended events of prospective players, met with families and presented recruitment proposals.





Shoot for the cure 
05/2007 - 10/2015


•    For the Cure.
•    Breast Cancer initiative in Canada for National Coaches Association.
•    Director for the Shoot for the Cure month, Breast Cancer initiative fundraising events.
•    Breast Cancer initiative for all Universities across Canada.
•    Elaborate fundraising ideas and events for Universities across Canada.
•    Planned and implemented strategies to increase funding through various approaches.





Conference Speaker
01/2007 - 08/2015


•    Worldwide conferences.
•    Speaker at many conferences, National and International.
•    Delivered speeches to groups of people in various venues addressing "Tips for improving your skills", "Leading with the heart" and "Team building".
•    Incorporated variety of techniques including stories and inspirational messages into presentations to entertain attendees.





Head Coach
Quebec-Canada International Women's Basketball, Jeux de la Francophonie | Beirut, Niger, France 
01/2005 - 01/2015


•    Encouraged team members to become stronger, more agile athletes and more successful competitors through focus, effective training and proper nutrition.
•    Prepared athletes for games with well-coordinated schedule of practices and individual training.
•    Maximized athlete performance by overseeing targeted physical conditioning programs.
•    Built strong media and community relationships through positive interaction and communication in support of sports program.





Head Coach
Collège Montmorency Basketball | Laval, Quebec
09/2005 - 04/2008

•    2007-2008 FQSE Provincial Champions.
•    2005-2006 CCAA National Champions.
•    2005-2006 FQSE Provincial Champions.
•    2005-2006 FQSE League Champions.
•    2005 Sun Youth Tournament Champions, Montreal, Quebec.
•    Director of 3 editions of Niva Provincial basketball tournament.





Internship Coordinator
Université de Montréal | Montreal, QC
   04/2002 - 04/2008


•    Coordination of internship in Occupational therapy program.
•    Assist, monitor, and coordinate fieldwork for students in Occupational therapy program.
•    Report and assist the Fieldwork Coordinator in all facets of the program.
•    Identify, develop and maintain relationships with local, provincial, national and international agencies/organizations, governmental and voluntary health agencies, professional associations, hospitals, and medical care services to administer a purposeful fieldwork program.
•    Chose and implemented program curricula and collaborated with instructors to align teaching strategies to meet educational goals.
•    Collaborated with supervisors to examine effectiveness of program and instruction.
•    Discussed curriculum changes with department staff and principals to facilitate action plans.





Head Coach
Collège Laval | Laval, QC
09/2004 - 04/2005


•    2004-2005 FQSE Provincial Champions.
•    2004-2005 FQSE Provincial League Champions, East division.
•    2005 Victoriaville Tournament Champions, Victoriaville, Quebec.





Head Coach
Collège Regina Assumpta | Montreal, Quebec
09/1999 - 04/2004


•    2003-2004 MBL Provincial Champions.
•    2002-2003 MBL Provincial silver medalists.
•    2003 Victoriaville Tournament Champions, Victoriaville, Quebec.
•    2003 Gloucester Tournament Champions, Ottawa, Ontario.
•    2001-2002 MBL Provincial Champions.
•    2001-2002 FBBQ Provincial Champions.
•    2002 Ste-Foy Tournament Champions, Quebec, Quebec.
•    2000-2001 FBBQ Provincial Champions.
•    1999-2000 FQSE AA Provincial Champions.
•    1999-2000 FBBQ AAA Provincial Champions.
•    2000 Victoriaville Tournament Champions, Victoriaville, Quebec.
•    2000 Anjou Tournament Champions, Montreal, Quebec.
•    1999 Ste-Foy Tournament Champions, Quebec, Quebec.





Golf Starter
Laval-sur-le-lac Golf Club | Laval, Quebec
05/1995 - 10/2001


•    Assist the Golf professional with all facets of golf operations.
•    Responsible for golf inventory.
•    Starting tee coordinator, bag equipment, caddy and golf carts.
•    Served members and guests with enthusiastic, helpful demeanor to promote positive, memorable experiences.
•    Resolved member concerns or complaints and kept supervisors informed of escalating situations.


Lasalle College

Montreal, Quebec


Graphic design

New York Institute of Art

NY, New York


Graphic design & Interior design

University of New England

Biddeford, Maine



Maisonneuve College

Montreal, Quebec


Art & lettre

Polyvalente Deux-Montagnes

Deux-Montagnes, Quebec


High school

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